Considering a Psych Degree? Here’s Where These Psych Majors Ended Up

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Psychology is a popular field of research for undergraduates. But we certainly don’t have 120,000 clinical psychologists going into the field each year.

So if psych grads aren’t all asking us how we feel about our moms while we lie on their squeaky sofas, what are they performing? I spoke to several professionals with psychology degrees to realize how they are utilizing their schooling in their careers.


Paige Harley spends her days serving individuals who likely do not like each other very much resolve their conflicts. “I specialize in high-conflict divorce, post-divorce and custody problems . However, you can mediate all kinds of things,” she advised me. “I think mediators with psychology backgrounds can provide a wonderful view in managing conflict and helping individuals navigate through mentally rough waters.”

Harley clarified that psychology graduates may require additional training before qualifying for the occupation. “Every nation has different guidelines. I’m carrying a weekend course to your own state of Tennessee. About all you will need is a computer, some paper, a pencil, a cup of java (it can get extreme ) along with a terrific attitude.”

Pay for mediators can vary but is determined by the high end. She’s colleagues who charge as large as $400 an hour.

Foster Parent Recruiter

Ian Foster earned his bachelor’s degree in psychology in 2005 and has spent the past several years discovering boost parents for the kids of Alaskan tribes.

“Foster care recruitment is a great job, as you are helping some of the nicest people on the planet help children have a safe place to be,” Foster explained. “It’s an uncommon social work occupation [in that it]is from the trenches doing things on a daily basis that make an impact, but it’s still relatively stress-free. And working with the tribes is a honor. The job with the tribes in my personal role especially is helping Japanese members — many of whom are household members into the kiddos — navigate the state system in an attempt for them to look after their own individuals.”

He admits a lot of the task is paperwork, however given the complexity of Alaska’s geography, Foster has seen himself doing numerous special tasks, such as mailing food to households in need, flying out to the tribes to have fighting and experiments to enhance the method by advocating for its tribes.

And the very best area for psych grads ready to move up north? “There’s a critical lack of men and women in social work jobs here, and fiscally, Alaska is one of the few areas a social worker might perform fairly nicely,” he said, adding that the Office of Children’s Services is always hiring.

I/O Psychologist

Not all psychologists sit in plant-filled offices muttering”Mmhmm” because you inform them about weekly.

“My career was focused on organization development and worker behaviour in corporate configurations ,” she explained. This includes”helping workers know behaviours, construction programs to help employees learn and utilize skills, equipping leaders with tools and identifying culture adds to associations.”

Basically, Fasone’s work incorporates human resourcesand social psychology and business. In accordance with Fasone, I/O psychologists can expect a salary of about $60,000 beginning, but top earners take home over $120,000 a year.

CEO of a Trivia Company

Industrial organizational psychologists aren’t the only ones serving out companies, however. David Jacobson, who graduated with a psychology degree in 1999, founded his own trivia company 10 years later. The business designs and emcees humorous occasions for smaller businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike.

And while not every psychology major could pull off the exact same effort of founding a business to facilitate team building for large businesses, Jacobson’s narrative is a reminder that you just can utilize the skills that you learn in college to spot a need in the term and craft a remedy to meet it.

Business Director

Studying psychology equips you with essential skills in understanding how folks think, interact and function. An overwhelming variety of psych majors told me that they use their levels in all regions of the business world, from sales to marketing and operations.

And due to their ability to understand people to a deeper level, psych grads are very successful in transitioning into leadership roles, from supervisor or manager to manager and outside.

Content Creator and Social Media Manager

Maddison Meijome’s psychology degree focused on marriage and family life. She knew she needed to use her abilities to really make a difference on the planet — and also work out of home if she could swing it. She managed both when she turned into a content creator and societal networking supervisor for Save From.

Save Me From is a hair care brand whose founder, April Peck, has an individual attachment to suicide prevention. Peck wanted to use the newest to raise money for suicide prevention. Meijome stepped into the function and now writes content on suicide prevention and then shares the messaging on social networking. Save Me From donates 10 percent of its net earnings straight to suicide prevention plans.

“I really like this work, because I can see how nicely it will bring about nonprofits that require contributions and grants on a regular basis,” Meijome informed me. “Because it is a for-profit business with a mission, I am paid well, with the extra bonus of writing about suicide prevention and awareness.”

Katie Ziskind got her bachelor’s degree in psychology, then specialized in family and marriage therapy throughout her master’s program. This experience allowed her to open her own private clinic for family and marriage treatment.

But Ziskind does not merely sit in a room with individuals and speak with these . “I see kids doing play therapy, yoga, music and outside therapy,” she clarified. “I also see parents, teens, young adults and even couples… With some adult clients, I go for walks by the ocean on the Niantic Bay Boardwalk for walk-and-talk therapy sessions.”

Ziskind enjoys her job, because she’s her own boss and may reevaluate her mission of providing compassionate, high quality customer care.

The main point here: Your psychology degree may take you to a lot of exciting — actually unanticipated — areas. The only question to ask is,”How does that make you feel?”


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